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Google Authorship and how it will affect your Search Engine Placement

Thursday, June 20 2013 11:31 AM
By Kalen Kubik

Google authorship has shot up in importance this year after Matt Cutts and other Googlers have touted it as the newest juicy SEO caveat. We will go over what Google Authorship is and why it is a big deal for not only your business, but yourself.


What problem is Google trying to solve.

"Don't believe everything you read on the internet." It's a common phrase. If I asked what is the biggest issue about content on the internet, I would get a resounding, " It's untrustworthy." Google has attacked this with a fervor. Not only does the number one search engine penalize misinformation and harmful sites, it is now elevating sites up that contribute current and original information.


What is Google Authorship?

Google authorship is a by-line. Essentially you are tying your name and web identity to an article. Pages and posts using Google Authorship will have a little photo next to them in the search results page. Google Authorship links even have a higher click-through rate.



Build your Personal Brand

On your Google+ account, you're able to tie in your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and web URL's. This allows Google to see the scope of your influence. By writing blogs and website content tagged with your google by-line, Google links that information to your bio, marking you as a contributor. The more you post, the more you gain recognition as an authority. The more authority you have, the more likely your blog post is to be atop others who have less authority than you. You see where this is going. The more solid original content you contribute on a singular subject, the more you will be rewarded for that service in the search results. The best part, this is tied to you as an individual, meaning you're influence is a marketable item in a job hunt. If you're an authority on poodles, the company is essentially hiring you as well as your page-ranking a poodle authority.


Building your company's reputation online.

As I said above, Google Authorship influence stays with an individual, so it will be very important now to build your company's online reputation. As you hire those with high influence, they will mark their account with your web address, designating themselves as contributors to your website. Now, with influential content authors working for you and producing content your page rank should increase with their added clout, meaning your traffic will as well. With so many people clambering to buy their way to the top of search, reputation and fresh original content become more and more important to keep out those with poor content and deep pockets. After all, search is driven by us, the searchers.


By Kalen Kubik

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