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Execute Wholeheartedly: How laziness can kill any social media effort

Thursday, August 22 2013 11:13 AM
By Kalen Kubik

When looking for marketing ideas online, you will find one phrase constantly, "Execute flawlessly". This is an illusion, no strategy is flawless and every plan can be improved upon to generate more conversions. However, you should be "Excecuting Wholeheartedly". If you don't believe in it, don't do it!

There is something far worse than a failed marketing effort, and that is a lazy one. There is no research to blame when a marketing strategy is lazy and poorly done. Hype is infectious. If you're marketing is poorly done, your customers are not going to be drawn to you.

Common lazy social media management practices

Having your Tweets post to your Facebook

 Not only does this scream lazy, it screams inattentive. If you're not going to use a piece of social media, don't. A company who is lazy on Facebook gets a reputation for not caring what their customers have to say. Better to have no posts that ones with hashtags.

Telling people to follow you

This is so easily avoided it's silly. Telling people to buy your product doesn't work, why would telling them to join your social media. People hate advertisements. We go out of our way to avoid them. They are interruptions. What you're asking is for someone to allow you to interrupt their time with friends with an ad. You're actually  telling them to! How does that sound? You should be giving them a reason to follow you, convincing them. Just like you convinced them to enter your business or purchase your service. What are you going to give them in return? Information? Discounts? Make them want to follow you.

Jumping on a trending hashtag uninformed

We've seen this with multiple companies now. #Cairo #Aurora, two hashtags that were related to the deaths of many people were tweeted by clothing companies to hawk their new line. Any publicity may be good publicity, but as good will and integrity begins to sell more than advertisements, it is a poor move and if posted when uninformed, a truly lazy one.

Not responding to questions & comments in a timely manner

This one continues to baffle me. When the entire point of social media is to connect with consumers and fans, not responding promptly cripples a social media effort and lets your fans know that you're not interested with interacting with them. This is especially highlighted when your Tweet is posted to your Facebook wall a day later and you still haven't answered their question.

Posting Fake Reviews

Fake reviews have been around forever. "Worlds Best Coffee" might have sold a cup in the Persian Empire, but today we rely on the experiences of others to make our decisions. Why post fake reviews when you can have your customers post glowing ones for you. The only reason to post a fake review, is if your business is truly terrible and your service is poor.

No Clever or Original posts

The internet is a community that loves to share and rewards cleverness with likes, retweets and pins. If you're only posting "20% OFF Today Only". Don't be surprised when no one comes to visit. If you're going to be successful at this, you're going to need to participate in the culture. The internet is a nation, and everyone sharing and posting clever things is an employed person. If you're just holding your hand out, asking for their money and adoration, without adding your own originality, what do you think that makes you? A bum.

Don't get lazy about social media. If you're not committed, don't use it. If you don't have the time to do it properly, your time is better spent elsewhere.

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