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Liquid Content : Buzzword dropping 2013

Wednesday, November 21 2012 10:54 AM
By Kalen Kubik

Here at 360, we constantly hear clients throw buzzwords around; Responsive Web Design, Social Media, SEO. Usually semi-informed on the subject, it gives us a great launching point to discuss where they'd like to see their brand headed. It's November, meaning a new set of buzzwords is about to descend upon the masses again, and we want you to know what you're talking about before all your friends do. So let's talk about Liquid Content.

Where does this term come from?

This term just dropped from Coca-Cola as part of their vision for Marketing for 2020. Essentially this is their "looking forward" approach to how they will grow their brand. A lot of it is industry standard already, yet expanded on a bit more and backed up with some solid Coke research. To view the 14 minutes of video head here >> Coca-Cola's Video on Liquid Content.

What is it?

Liquid content is valuable and significant content that generates conversation brand engagement. Elements of content that move freely among themselves but never become separate from the whole. This also means that one strategy is not the answer, liquid content is a combination of strategies utilizing the five steps;

  • Participation between the very best (People, Ideas, etc.)
  • Connect these creative minds
  • Share the Results of Collaboration (with the public/world)
  • Continue Development
  • Measure Success

Two Way Conversation

By reading this blog I assume you're an informed, web-savvy business owner. You understand content is king, social media helps extend your reach to clients, and the more personal your business is, the better you're business is received. So, it should come to no surprise to you that Coke has rolled all of this into one key point, Two-Way Conversation. Instead of posting "HEY, COME LOOK AT MY SITE." "FREE" "20% OFF" "SALE!". Yes, that will get people through the door, and you may argue that Coke cannot have 20% Off Sales. However, creating a two-way conversation will endear people to your company.


Remember back, perhaps a year ago, when Dominoe's ran that Instagram campaign. "Snap a photo of your pizza and hashtag it on Twitter." They gave away free pizzas to anyone who's pizza looked sloppy or unappetizing. The personal responses and sharing lead to a conversation between the consumer and the brand. The days of shouting at people over television ads and newspapers are dead. When's the last time you heard an Old Spice commercial that told their clients ingredients besides unicorns and elves? Or an DosXX ad that spoke about how delicious their beer was? They use their air time to create  a memorable character and story behind them. The humor behind the videos is what drives sharing.


If you take care of your customers, they will be lifelong clients, but you must interact with them. Humans crave that personal connection. Even a giant faceless corporation has to have a personable friendly side, even if it's just their social media content manager. Engaging in online conversations, such as answering questions and reviewing your online reviews will help you grow your fan base. A popular strategy taken up by many large corporations is the "Save the World" approach. With liquid content you have to tell a story, a story with sharing. After all, we all want that ravenous zombie-like Apple following.


Think of all the Pink products you can buy during breast cancer awareness month. You help with cancer research, the company profits and you're both happy. Nike's "Nike women" campaign, Tom's "buy a pair we donate pair". If you're a small business, a local charity or fundraiser can be just as effective. Send out a press-release, perhaps a news crew shows up with your logo plastered all over some shirts. There are thousands of ways to endear clients to you. Remember, liquid content is not tied down to one medium. Experiment and find out what strategies work best for you.


Have you ever been staring at a picture and you're friend makes an off the cuff comment about how it looks like a horse? Now, every time you look at the picture, you see a horse. That's how you should view negative comments. That is why mediation and content management is so important. Don't let your Facebook and Twitter get bogged down in complaints. Remember, the content must be productive and always tell a story.


Taco bell has one of the best Twitter managers I've ever seen. Their twitter replies are shared via screen-capture hundreds of times daily. Not only are they funny, they give the company a personality. See the screencaps

Watch the videos at the top and get on top of this buzzword and find out what your most successful strategies are.


By Kalen Kubik

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