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New Small Business Tool for 2013

Tuesday, February 26 2013 10:58 AM
By Kalen Kubik

We try to provide you with tips and tricks, as well as current trends for keeping your business in the lead of marketing gain. Most of the time we focus on getting your brand out there in front of consumers. But how do you measure success? Google Analytics doesn't track sales. There are ways of setting up your website's form pages to track AdWord campaigns, yet this still isn't the most helpful since many of those have already jumped from your webpage onto your competitors, who is more available immediately.


Say hello to LeadNotify

We've been plugging the call tracking software into a lot of our recent websites due to its ease of use and value.

Read what Lead Notify does quickly, because I have a better way of explaining this list.

  • Record and replay sales calls
  • Set on-call hours
  • Manage on-call sales reps
  • Trigger automatic follow-up calls
  • Track sales rep activity
  • Eliminate Sales Delays

Got it? K, here's the elevator pitch for this company. As soon as someone fills out your contact form, with their required phone number, LeadNotify instantly calls them. It's not a harassing call, because heck, they just sent their number your way. You can't possibly lose them, they just filled out your form. They're probably still on your site, looking at your awesome website. If you can't take the call, you can forward it to the next sales rep or employee on call.

If you re-read through that list again, things will make more sense now. You can monitor your employee's on-call behavior and help them with their pitches and presentation. You essentially have a database of customers being created just by your form page alone. Your competitors won't have instant response time, unless they're already on this system. It's not a cold-call, they clearly already love you. It almost takes the "sales" feel out of it. And, of course, they allow you to set business hours, so no business calls interrupting your date night.

We found it to be awesome, but, like we always encourage, don't take our word for it. Do some research. They can be found here LeadNotify.com.



It's a pretty high touch setup, but their team, that we've worked with so far, has always been phenomenal. The setup (for us) usually goes like this. Call LeadNotify, send them the form/form fields you'd like to setup and discuss the pages you need to activate. They also need the phone lines you'll want to send/forward the calls to. We set them up on business lines, but any number will do. Just make sure it's not your personal. That's it! Then your website calls live, ready to buy clients for you. It is the perfect tool to drive sales forward for small and large businesses.


By Kalen Kubik

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