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Same-day delivery in Online Shopping

Friday, August 29 2014 3:02 PM
By Kalen Kubik
Same-day delivery in Online Shopping

Same-day, at-home delivery is revolutionizing the online shopping experiece. I do not use that word lightly. It is radically reshaping the way we shop and live. Sloth aside, this new way of online shopping is ramping up and becoming widely adapted. Below, let's dicuss how delivery has evolved, how same-day delivery is being implemented and how you can adapt your business to encompass it.

The Growth of Online Shopping

Online shopping has swelled in the past two decades to become a massive industry. Years ago an product took two weeks to arrive at your door. Now, a rush order can now be at your doorstep in a day or two. In a society where we demand instant results, one day is not good enough. The benefit of shopping at a store is being able to not only touch the object, but possess it instantly after exchanging money for it. Major tech players are pushing to make online purchases a nearly identical experience. Why would I go to a store, if I can order a television online after reading 20 reviews? No sales pitch. No harassment to upgrade to a bigger model. I just enter my credit card info and in 2 hours its at my door. Sounds like a dream right? You might have missed the line, "Why would I go to a store?" That's you. That's your store. Why would I go to your store.

After all, it's cheaper for me online. The seller has less overhead, less real-estate space they've paid for. They pass less cost down to me. I love paying less and now I can get my item the very same day I order it, eradicating my need to even leave my house. I can order a puppy on the way to work, and come home to it. Well, not a puppy, but you get it.

You can see Amazon's offering here. This is not a boulder, rocketing down a hill to crush your business. This is a small snowball just beginning its descent down the mountainside. 

How is Same-day Delivery Being Fulfilled?

"How is this implemented?" you ask. Big data and handshakes. If Amazon knows every week, fifty of brandX televisions are bought and shipped to Wichita, they're going tie in with a local retailer to rent warehouse space, hire a driver through Uber and outsource the delivery. I buy online. The warehouse pings the driver. He delivers and I'm watching Football on my massive new television that evening. While in its infancy, the concept is already taking over large cities. Enter your grocery list online and have it delivered to your door. We all laughed at Amazon drones, but what about when the Uber driver pulls up with your flatscreen and groceries for the week, 30 minutes after you bought them? I'm being a little agressive, Amazon promises, "Order before 12am and receive it by 9pm." But, the service can only improve as more players enter the arena and more people get on board.

Adapting your Services

As the service is only going to grow and become more widespread, early adaptation is key. There are several things you can do, right now, to move your business towards a better online shopping experience with same-day delivery. I'm going to assume you have an ecommerce site for this next part. If you don't, let's pretend.

  1. Check if there is a Same-day Delivery option in your city with Amazon or any other company. Get on board with it if possible.
  2. Offer order-online pickup windows. Much like a carry-out diner, if your average customer is purchasing more than seven items per visit, allow them to bundle a digital shopping cart, pay online and have it ready for pickup. Peapod has been wildly sucessful in this service.
  3. Look into local delivery options for same-hour delivery to local clientelle. You could always deliver it yourself. It's more endearing to be handed Thin Mints by a girl scout pulling a wagon than a man shoving a clipboard in my face.
This service is not going away, until I can buy something and it teleports into my home. So, don't believe for a second you can ignore such a convenience factor and have it not effect your business. Be proactive, do your research and find out how you can improve your client's online shopping experience through better delivery methods. This service is growing quickly, but will take time to scale and scale correctly. Same-day delivery is not going to be in every city for a good while and some cities will probably never get it until they get teleportation. However, that doesn't mean you can't attract a great deal of customers to your business because you've given them back the most precious commodity, time.
- Love, 360



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