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Second Screen Applications

Wednesday, September 19 2012 10:57 AM
By Kalen Kubik

What is Second Screen?

Television has always had a problem with  keeping our eyes glued to it. These days television has an even harder time due to our (wait for it) second screen. Most of us, as we sit around watching television, keep tabs on facebook, twitter or text messages while we watch the program. Whether it be on our smartphone, laptop or tablet, a second screen is usually in-hand or nearby. So why not feed supplementary information to us through this secondary device as we watch the primary? The goal is to keep you focused solely on their product, live broadcast, movie or television show. The more of your attention they can grab the more revenue from advertising. However, advertisements have begun to use second screen as well.


1. According to the NielsonWire "Seventy percent of tablet owners and sixty-eight percent of smartphone owners said they use their devices while watching television."

2. Because they know we will not go out of our way to "Friend", "Like" or "Follow" them and they know we have an extremely low attention span.

And, since Apple has reported selling over 55 million iPads, one can see why businesses are catering to their tech-savvy viewers. The simple fact is, televisions are not engaging. You see that sleek new car blistering down that deserted road, but what does under the hood like? What if it was red? Where can you test drive one? Companies are trying harder and harder to make a personal connection in an impersonal world.

Second Screen in the Wild

Second screen has already taken off over the last year. Hundreds of movies and television shows have their own applications you can jump on to. Concept art, interviews, storyboards and much more all go into telling you more about the cinematic adventures and how they came to be.

Did you miss it in the Olympics? It was there! Quite a few sports broadcasts have second screen applications that feed you information live such as players stats, scores, previous percentages and bios. Say you're watching your favorite NFL team. Boot up your application, as the game is coming at you live so are the stats. Player pics pop up as they make tackles, infinite replays or zoom in from different camera angles. The applications can be remarkable as all the information scattered throughout the web is thrust into the palm of your hand as it happens.


Be on the lookout, your favorite program might just have a second screen application. Head to Miso to look for your favorite show.


By Kalen Kubik

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