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What is dCommerce? Cultivating social media for profit

Tuesday, January 15 2013 10:58 AM
By Kalen Kubik

Following on the heels of Coke's Liquid Content, the term dCommerce dropped Dec 2012. In order to first understand this buzzword, you have to remember back to last year. Remember when we began discussing how poor images would hurt your website and how the focus on hi-res professional photography was key. Well, grab your camera. Welcome to 2013.

DCommerce is the value placed on Commerce gained through Discovery. Most are clamoring to climb the SEO/SEM Google charts, paying thousands for search rankings. Both have shown great ROI, but this is a new avenue. You could blast past clients with newsletters but those don't go beyond their inbox. DCommerce is the veritable machete to hack cut through the jungle of behemoths that litter Google Search. What you need to realize about dCommerce right off the bat is it is the shotgun of marketing, not the rifle. You're aim is to be discovered within an existing stream, be it a follower's friend or a complete stranger on Pinterest. So, they're bored at the train station, sitting there looking at purses, when BAM! One of your custom made handbags hits their feed. Do they click on it? Repin it? Maybe purchase one for their niece? Now, they show their friends... all of them. Once you post the image you will have no control over where it goes, and that's good, let it spread. You will need to craft excellent, share-able content, but more so IMAGES. Images are key for dCommerce. While scanning a feed, an interesting image is necessary to garner a click. Like we've said before, you're not making a sale's pitch. You're selling through visual interest.

Good luck in the new year. How to Start a Pinterest Campaign.


By Kalen Kubik

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