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Real-Time Marketing = Ruling the Twitterverse

Monday, April 22 2013 10:58 AM
By Kalen Kubik

Remember when you were watching the news, and that company's logo was plastered up on the screen and the talking heads bellowed and guffawed about the inappropriate Tweet or Post, which the company's marketing intern had posted. Bad press is still press, right? Now, We've spoken in the past about creating an identity for your social media accounts and what to avoid. That is where we first broached the subject of Real-Time Marketing, get ready though, because Real-Time marketing is already upon you and has been for quite some time, though it seem to have found a buzzword of a name in the past year.

There was a Forbes article some months ago that interviewed professional marketers who were seen as leaders in their fields. They were asked, "Where do you see marketing headed in the next year." The one answer that stuck with me was from Scott Goodson. He spoke about convergence of all Marketing. Today, where we have many types of marketing we segment out into Social Media, Print, Television, Second-Screen, etc, we will see them join together in 2013. As a small business owner, you need to be on top of these things. Heck, your marketing has been converged for years, right?! With this convergence however, came the buzzword of Real-Time marketing. It combines the rapid reply of Social Media management, with the brand voice of PR and the design aesthetic of the creative department.



Oreo's - Superbowl Blackout Ad is an excellent example of witty, situational humor, which led to a win for the company (ie. retweet, image sharing, brand exposure). There have, on occasion been those who did not understand a situation before broadcasting their sales pitch, such as Celeb Boutique during the Aurora Shooting (ridicule, name-calling, still it was exposure). The crux of RTM is to be witty and quick on your feet. A lot of brands try to hard, or don't get the gist of RTM still, as we saw with the horrible Oscar campaigns.  If you're not witty, maybe have your teenager come up with smart-aleck comments for you. It's not for everyone, and some brands do a lot more harm to their reputation than good. Capitalizing on opportunities means being plugged in to current events, what's trending, and the latest gossip/politics/tech. So if you're super busy, you may not even have the chance to implement something like it.

It is less about planning and more about reacting. A blackout, a celebrity slip-up, or a local occurrence, can land a nobody on the top of the twitterverse for a spell, and with each retweet, hopefully your site gets another visitor, or a product moves off your shelf, but analytics on social media is another beast. So get out there and bury your face in your phone as much as your children do. Maybe even recruit them to help.


By Kalen Kubik

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