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Stealing Audiences on Twitter to further Exposure

Thursday, July 18 2013 11:05 AM
By Kalen Kubik

Stealing audiences can be the most effective way to drive traffic to your website if you're a start-up or just low on advertising funds. This is usually best done on through twitter, since it is a very open platform for communication. Being able to post to anyone's feed is a powerful, powerful tool.

What You're accomplishing

What is stealing and audience? It's exactly like it sounds. This brand or person is super popular, they say "X", I reply to their question or statement with "Z". This does not have to be a big audience. If someone has only 20 followers, that's still an audience. I'm not speaking to a single person now, I'm talking to twenty. If my reply is clever enough, maybe I get retweeted and a now my brand is being seen by hundreds.

Meaningful Interactions

Do not talk about your company. We have all seen audience stealing before, whether it's been on YouTube, a blog or Twitter. We've all seen the spammers. "Buy Louis Vuitton purses here! >> ShadySite.au" This is what you do NOT want to do. Do not spam. There is a difference between being a spammer and having a meaningful conversation. Meaningful interactions build brands.

If you have meaningful interactions with others, they traffic will come. If a brand seeks me out to solve a problem for me or help me out in a certain situation, they've gained a fan. What do I mean?

@distraughtcustomer "My toilet is constantly running, help!"

@plumbingcompany "You're tree inside the tank has a poor seal, try replacing it."

You're not making a salespitch, you're not even offering to help. You're giving out free information to build brand trust. Why? Because goodwill goes a long way with clients. If @distraughtclient can't replace the tree by himself, who do you think he's going to call? Maybe his dad, maybe a friend, but probably the company who gave him the choice and didn't try to force the sale.

This is not going to work for every company. It's hard to target local customers on Twitter, so nationwide, international and internet companies are going to have the best results since they're accessible anywhere. Use Twitter's search to find the topics you're targeting. Be careful of the dates, however. If you're commenting on tweets from a month ago that is no help and shows you're a little out of the social loop.

Be helpful, give information away for free, build Goodwill.

Maybe they click on your profile's website, maybe they watch your "how-to" video on YouTube. The results will not be immediate nor mind-blowing at the start, but you will see progress in the long run. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, this is a social tactic for building up a brand.

By Kalen Kubik

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