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Mobile is a Must-have for Business Sites

Wednesday, December 8 2010 10:43 AM
By Brandon White

Business folks, I'm going to tell you something you already know. You might be in denial, but deep down you know it's true. You need a mobile version of your website. Too many of us don't have this simple, low cost, fundamental tool that is great for business. I’m ashamed to say 360ideas is in this group… but we're working on it.

The stat maker-uppers tell us that sometime next year there will be more smart phones on the street than dumb phones. They tell us that one in five Americans already use the internet on their phones every single day. They tell us that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage less than five years. Even if you don't believe a word the stat maker-uppers utter, just take a look around you. There's no question, the mobile web is here... It's not next year, it's now. It might even be yesterday depending on when you are reading this.

You don’t need an iPhone app or Android app (though it might be a good idea). I'm just talking about a nice, simple re-styled version of your website. Design it so the text and graphics fit on most mobile screens without a ton of scrolling or zooming. Cut down on photos and graphic that make loading slower. Remove complicated animations that slow phones down. Remove or bury content that isn't as relevant to a mobile user. Highlight content that mobile users will likely want first. Make it easy for your customers to quickly get what they need. Be ready for consumers who expect this functionality, and who might skip your bloated, slow, disfunctional site in favor of a competitor who is mobile-ready.

It’s that simple. Your audience is mobile, make sure they see what you have to offer.

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