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The Value of Evolutionary Web Design

Monday, September 30 2013 4:41 PM
By Kalen Kubik

Evolutionary Web Design

What is Evolutionary Web Design?

EWD is the constant measuring, updating and improving a website throughout its life. Born out of a start-up, growth-hacking mindset, evolutionary web design is about being, dare I use the terrible buzzword, agile. These constant tweaks, changes and adaptations to your website will do three key things for your business.

  • Increase Conversions (Money in your Pocket)
  • Communicate to your client's that you're addressing their needs
  • Allow you to be an early adapter of new practices and be first-to-market


The Problem

We're still building mobile websites for clients who've never had them. How much revenue did your business lose because it was slow to adopt mobile? How much did your bounce rate drop once you replaced that flash video with an HTML5 swiffy? Many businesses believe that launch is the end of the web project, when it's truly just the entry fee. The world of online marketing opens up with a website and revisiting it for a redesign every three to five years leaves a massive gap that has to be bridged. Some websites are even left up broken for years. Web design, online marketing and user habits change so frequently that by not constantly changing, you're leaving even more money on the table than before.

Most companies put out a press release after their redesign. Why? They want traffic. Why? Because they want conversions. Why? Because their old site stopped performing. Why? Because it went untouched for three years. After launch, all you have is a pretty web page with a hypothetical setup of how your user's may interact with your website. Evolutionary Web Design is the solution to that problem. By constantly tracking page interactions and A/B testing different solutions, your website can be forged into a deadly sales tool. Your website should pay for itself!


Justifying the Cost

Let's revsit the question from before. How much money did you lose not adopting mobile quick enough? How much money are you going to lose in the future because of slow adoption? EWD is growth and revenue focused. If you are not constantly improving your website, its value is plummeting. A website is like any other property. It requires maintenance, but you won't know what to fix if your not watching it and tracking how your users interact with it. EWD should be your number one priority with your new site. Traffic needs to be looked at in conversion rates. Bounce rates need to be seen as user interaction. Your website needs to be seen for what it is, an investment.


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